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Bryan Root and John Gurche
Bryan Root and John Gurche shooting the making of Gurche’s reconstruction of Homo Naledi. This sculpture for National Geographic Magazine was so exclusive we weren’t able to look directly at it–making it hard to focus on.

dirty habit movie posterI started Motherlode Pictures in 1998 to produce my own low budget narrative films. In 2007 I finished Dirty Habit, a thriller about a nun and a drug addict getting trapped in an elevator. It won Best Feature at the Lausanne Underground Film Festival and Best Drama Feature at the Atlanta Underground Film Festival.  While Dirty Habit was playing in festivals, my family and I relocated from Los Angeles to central New York.


After a four-year experiment in commercial video and graphics production, I have decided I would rather paint houses (no, really) and focus all my creative energy on writing–which I find very fulfilling. I continue to work with artists, musicians, and scientists with whom I have a good relationship and ongoing productions but I’ve decided that meeting with clients to talk about services they can’t afford or how sell things I’m not passionate about is a detour. I’m sorry, we are not taking on any more commercial projects at this time. Maybe later. If you want me to direct a narrative film or paint a house in Trumansburg, give me a call. (six zero seven) 379.9509. 

Bryan Root.

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