artist videos

Artist videos

I have worked with several artist over the years. Bob Potts' kinetic sculptures, (above) have become a YouTube hit, and have gotten him into art shows all over the world. His show in Switzerland sold out last year. John Gurche, the paleo-artist who reconstructs early hominids was the first person to hire me here in Trumansburg--to document his works-in-progress for a the Human Origins wing of the Smithsonian Museum in Washington D.C. I have shot John's work for National Geographic as well.

The Green Room Lounge Shakori Hills

The Green Room Lounge

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Motherlode Pictures
motion graphics by bryan root
green room lounge graphics

I worked for several months as the film director for Finger Lakes Unplugged, a social networking site. We went to music festivals, set up a tent in the performers area, bought some refreshments, set up cameras, furniture, microphones and lights, and just shot what happened next. We called it "The Green Room Lounge." And because every band had a different configuration, and the light coming in from outside was always changing, we got really good at scrambling for shots.