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John Gurche

Bryan Root, Homo Naledi and John Gurche
John’s latest sculpture is so new and exciting that we can’t look directly at it. Very hard to photograph.

I was expecting to be buried deep in the credits of a film with lots of other cameramen when I got hired to shoot John Gurche at work in his studio on the reconstruction of the exciting new human ancestor, Homo Naledi, for National Geographic. Imagine my excitement yesterday, when I saw that they edited together my footage into a distinct film to itself! 

See the film on National Geographic’s

Below is National Geographic’s feature about the discovery of Homo Naledi, which features some of my camerawork as well:

artist videos

Artist videos

I have worked with several artist over the years. Bob Potts' kinetic sculptures, (above) have become a YouTube hit, and have gotten him into art shows all over the world. His show in Switzerland sold out last year. John Gurche, the paleo-artist who reconstructs early hominids was the first person to hire me here in Trumansburg--to document his works-in-progress for a the Human Origins wing of the Smithsonian Museum in Washington D.C. I have shot John's work for National Geographic as well.